the workplace diversity project

Funded by WorkSafe’s Workwell Mental Health Improvement Fund, Tradeswomen Australia are piloting an industry first program designed to improve the mental health and well-being of automotive businesses and aftermarket parts interpreters through diversity and inclusion.


The program, called Workplace Diversity Project, aims to support businesses to create environments that embrace diversity and inclusion through their recruitment, employee support, and workplace practices. The pilot will take place within the automotive and aftermarket parts interpreters industry within Victoria.

Through the project we will engage with the automotive and aftermarket parts interpreters industry to educate supervisors on the benefits of diversity in their workforce and measure the positive impact of diversity on culture.

The project will include:

  • The facilitation and reporting of focus groups to look at the barriers for diversity;
  • The development of a workplace review (internal audit) on a range of diversity measures;
  • The development of tools and a platform that can be implemented in the workplace to support increasing diversity;
  • The implementation of supervisor coaching on change management, unconscious bias and diversity; and
  • Ongoing culture testing of workplaces – Pre and post-testing of Workplace Wellness Insights

The project will be evaluated throughout the 2 years program to test if the increase in diversity and inclusion creates improved mental health for all employees.