Lizzie a Horticulturist

Lizzie has worked as a horticulture apprentice with her local council for almost two years. Lizzie shares her career journey and gives us an insight into what it is to be a horticulture apprentice.
34 sec Lizzie Intro
41 sec How Lizzie got into her trade
1.36 min a day in the shoes of a horticulture apprentice
2.10 min Lizzies favourite task to do at work
2.28 min Understanding plant names
2.48 min The difference between landscaping and horticulture
3.18 min What Lizzie’s friends and family thought about her pursuing an apprenticeship
3.40 min Talking more about support, who else has helped Lizzie on her journey
4.50 min How to prepare for an apprenticeship interview
5.09 min Lizzie shares her experience making friends at work
5.46 min The language and culture on a worksite
6.26 min Lizzie shares advice for those wanting to pursue a similar career
6.44 min Lizzie’s future in the industry
7.17 min Lizzies hero moment
8.17 min How to get a job in Horticulture
8.50 min How to get in touch with Lizzie