Apprenticeships with Dianne Dayhew and Kara Prichard

Hosted by Andrew Hill and guest co-host Simon Waller

This week’s show:

The Future of Apprenticeships

Guests Kara Prichard South Australia Manager for MAS National and Dianne Dayhew CEO of National Apprenticeship Employment Network (NAEN).

This week you will hear insights into the latest government initiatives to support apprentices and business, how to access that support and what the value of apprenticeships to our industry looks like.

Tradeswomen Australia
is a not for profit organisation dedicated to gender equality and empowerment for all girls and women to access, participate and succeed in trades.

MAS National
delivers a wide range of support services to empower businesses and individuals across Australia. Spanning across business, community and industry, we work to equip Australia‚Äôs diverse workforce and communities with the skills it needs to secure employment opportunities for everyone. Mas’ unique position as a government-supported organisation with strong community ties enables it to focus on transformation, rather than transaction.

National Apprenticeship Employment Network

(NAEN) is the national association for Group Training Organisations (GTOs). NAEN provides the communication link between government and group training organisations.