Services to assist business with increasing the reprentation of women in trades.

Our Services

Engagement Score Card

Recruitment Score Card

Retention Score Card


Understanding Score Cards
Score Cards review current participation percentages, infrastructure, training gap analysis, process, actions and provide recommendations to improve engagement, retention or recruitment services

Understanding Consulting

+Strategy Support and Development

Development of short, medium or long term gender equality and diversity strategies.

+Tailored Policy Support and Development
Policy development, review and/or implementation.

+Gender Equality Action Planning Support
Development, implementation and management of a Gender Equality Action Plan and Implementation Committee.

+Score Card Delivery
Delivery and management of Score Card recommendations.

Understanding Score Card Development
The Score card is a review of the business’s current gender equity status. This review includes:
• Interview with managers
• Interview with current women in trades
• Interview with tradespersons
• Review current infrastructure
• Review current women’s participation and retention statistics
• Workshop of strategies
• Comparison of strategies against research
• Presentation of key recommendations (1-3 years)
After score cards are presented, businesses can implement strategies independently or continue to work with Tradeswomen Australia to implement (consulting rates apply). We recommend score cards to be reviewed at least annually. Scored cards can take 10 days to complete.