Benefits and Barriers to Inclusion within the Workplace

In our first Inclusion blog, we identified what inclusive workplaces were and the essential nature of implementing inclusiveness with diversity. In the ideal world, personality types, strengths and characteristics are embraced and valued, promoting maximum mental and emotional wellbeing of all workers. In the real world, each business will encounter a range of barriers to creating a truly inclusive environment. This blog will examine a range of barriers as well as examine the benefits of inclusiveness.

Workplace Inclusivity Explained

Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is vital to any modern business to truly succeed and flourish. Through reading our blog series on diversity, you will understand that creating a diverse workplace promotes a wide range of skills, ideas and talents to improve overall business performance. A diverse workplace, however, may not have an inclusive […]

Head Start – Supporting Young People into Trade Careers

HEADSTART are a dedicated team of professionals who assist students to realise their employment aspirations and workplace potential through an apprenticeship or traineeship opportunity. Funded by the State Government of Victoria, HEADSTART will deliver an estimated 1,700 apprenticeships and traineeships in over 100 secondary schools across Victoria. Find out more about how HEADSTART can assist school based students to forge a trade career.


Women and Leadership Australia (WLA) have announced scholarships for female leaders within the automotive sector has been extended! This is an exciting opportunity for women within the Automotive Industry who want to progress into a management career, or upskill their management qualifications.

Forum Insights into Diversity, Inclusion and Mental Health Barriers in the Auto Industry

  Diversity and inclusion remain vital components to allow the automotive industry to improve worker wellbeing, as well as continue to remain competitive and innovative. The Workplace Diversity Project,  led by Tradeswomen Australia is supported by WorkSafe’s WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund. The Project, led Tradeswomen Australia, has conducted an extensive analysis on the benefits and […]

Application and Interview Tips from Programmed

As part of TWA’s Operation Protect and Preserve events, Programmed presented fantastic tips and tricks to create the perfect application, CV, interview preparation, interviews and leaving a lasting impression with the employer.

TWA In September

It was another big month for Tradeswomen Australia. Our team continued to promote awareness in tradeswomen figures and the uphill battle in ensuring adequate support and sustainable careers becomes a focal point in the COVID economic disaster recovery; we continued to support apprentices and tradeswomen in September through our Operation Protect and Preserve campaign through […]

Inspiration from Trailblazers

This fabulous and feisty panel of women collectively shared over 40 years of trades and teaching experience, and told their tales of true grit and determination in a male orientated world.