Mature Aged Apprentices: How can we support them and their mental wellbeing?

  To ensure optimal performance, retention, and engagement of your team, it is important to understand and cater to the different needs of different groups of employees. While all apprentices will enter their roles with a certain level of inexperience in a trade, strategies to support and empower mature age apprentices differ from that of […]

Workplace Wellbeing: what is it and how does it impact productivity?

How does positive mental health and wellbeing contribute to productive, happy workplaces? This article will delve into the concept of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, how poor work cultures and environments affect productivity, and the important factors within good mental health and wellbeing can improve worker performance.

Workplace Wellbeing: what is it and how does it impact productivity?

  Workplace Wellbeing: what is it and how does it impact productivity? Workplace wellbeing refers to how we feel when we’re at work. The goal of workplace wellbeing is to ensure that all employees feel safe, valued, included, and respected while in the workplace. Many of us spend more time with our colleagues and customers […]

Creating Effective Employee Wellbeing Programs

Wellbeing programs are great ways to allow your employees to tap into to promote wellbeing. Some employers have reported only 10% participation in these initiatives, so how to employers ensure they create or adjust wellbeing programs to make them effective? This blog will aim to address introducing fun, empowering and practical elements that cultivate a positive team culture, driving productivity and employee engagement, and turns health and wellness into part of the team’s daily habits.

Looking After Workplace Wellbeing post-COVID

The Australian Automotive Industry, particularly Victoria, has been severly impacted by the effects of COVID. This article will help leaders to pinpoint main mental health concerns for their workers, and how workplaces can implement strategies to rebuild mental wellbeing post-COVID.

Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace

In our last article, we examined what mental health is, how workplaces play a key role in individual worker mental health, as well as the legal and ethical responsibilities of the employer and employees in not adversely affecting mental health of workers. Which brings us to the next key topic in our series – what […]

Exploring Mental Health in the Workplace

Workplaces play a crucial part in the mental health of every individual worker. This article will examine what mental health is, how workplaces can positively and negatively impact on individual employee health and why workplaces need to take action to protect mental health.

TWA Christmas Message

Tradeswomen Australia Chair, Jane Sydenham Clarke, provides a warm Christmas message to all our tradeswomen and advocates to bring 2020 to a close.

Building an Inclusive Workplace

This is the third and final article within the Inclusive Workplace Series. So far, we have looked at what an inclusive workplace is, the values of an inclusive workplace as well as the many barriers workplaces face to creating an inclusive culture. Understanding the benefits of creating diverse and inclusive workplaces to bring about innovative, […]