Tradeswoman Profile – Jas (HeadSTART)

Jasmine (Jas) is a first year Head Start student undertaking an apprenticeship in Automotive Mechanical Technology. Jasmine has been a car enthusiast for as long as she can remember and was elated to have discovered Head Start as a pathway for herself. She’s been employed by Lakeside Kia since Jan 2020 and loves her job and team. In July 2020, Jasmine successfully completed her VCAL program and has since transitioned into full time employment. She credits her success to the Head Start program.


TWA were privileged to interview Jas this month so she could give us a run-down on how her trade journey has been so far!


Q: Thanks so much for joining us Jas. Tell us what got you interested in Automotive?

There was never really something that got me interested in automotive, I have always had an interest in cars, and I wanted to do something where I was around cars all time.


Q: Why did you choose to do Head Start instead of just doing schooling ’til the end of year 12?

I chose to do Head Start and not wait ’til Year 12 was over because it was an opportunity that will only come once. Getting a job when you’re finished school is sometimes very hard and Head Start made my career so much more successful than what I thought it’d be like. 


Q: Tell us how did you manage school, TAFE and employment?

Managing school ,TAFE and employment was really easy – it is not over loaded where it makes you stress. It actually made me feel really good knowing I was managing all them as well as my own commitments. It was like an achievement.


Above: Jas hard at work


Q: What was your first two months at work like?

My first two months of work was really good, I had support and I didn’t feel like I went in there alone. 


Q: Do you find it hard working in an industry that’s mostly male dominated?

Working in a industry that is male dominated is the least of my worries. If I want to work in a male dominated workplace I have to be prepared to be there, at the end of the day that’s what I want to do. I do expect some people to say stuff or judge me, but it’ll never affect me. 


Q: What advice would you give to another student who maybe considering doing Head Start?

 If I was to give anyone advice regarding Head Start, I would tell them to do it and you won’t regret it. School helps you be prepared for work, but Head Start actually makes that happen, which personally I think that is the most important part. You’ll constantly have support, which is needed when taking big steps!


We thank Jas as well as Head Start for the opportunity to gain insights on balancing school, a trade and TAFE at the same time, as well as what it’s like to work in the automotive industry.


If you’re interested in finding out more how you, your child or your student can access a Head Start opportunity, contact them today.