Tradeswoman Profile – Tahlia Dowie

Tahlia is a qualified Carpenter, who tirelessly works on high quality outcomes at her work, and is passionate and positive about advocating her trade to other women. Tahlia welcomed TWA recently to share her experience with us and with you:


Tahlia – thanks so much for your time. Who or what inspired you to take up carpentry of all trades on offer?

I suppose my time with my Dad was inspiring, as I really enjoyed helping him out building things. I also love being outside and working with my hands, and carpentry is perfect for this. I was also inspired through reading fictional books too. 


We’ve heard about parents being an inspiration before, but never fiction books! That’s really interesting. What aspects of what you read drew you towards carpentry particularly? 

I really liked the aspects of cladding, as well as the fixing and fit off stages. Also envisioning how things will end up, seeing it take shape as well as the end result. When I started working in carpentry, I really found the physical side of work really satisfying too.


And what do you like most about the trade?

You’re taught some valuable life skills, and gain independence.



What are your favourite aspects of your job or your trade?

I like to take time and perform high quality work. I really love using my skill set to produce some great results. Honestly, I love all aspects of the job – you get to do good work, and it’s really satisfying.


And what advice would you like to pass on to other women thinking about carpentry?

Just remember its a four year apprenticeship – at the start don’t worry if you’re not great, don’t get discouraged because no one gets it right the first time. Take time to learn the skills you need and make mistakes – don’t expect too much at the beginning. Also remember that it’s going to be hard – the physicality aspect I mean, lifting things – but don’t be discouraged either. You will soon build the muscle, believe me!


Many thanks to Tahlia and her valuable advice and insights into working in carpentry as a tradeswoman. We really encourage you to get in touch with us if you want to learn more about taking up carpentry or any other trade – Also, please subscribe to TWA to access ongoing tradeswomen stories –