Tradeswoman Profile – Cassie Brown

Cassie is an insightful, talented, fully qualified Carpenter based in Mermaid Beach, near Brisbane, in QLD. TWA were fortunate to catch up with her recently and chat to her about her trade journey.


Tell us what fanned the flame in becoming a chippie?

I’ve always loved being hands on and creating things. My dad and I used to go for walks on the weekend through the new estates in our area, and I would swing on the noggins, discover how many different types of nails I could find. I didn’t know what carpentry was at the time, but it always fascinated me.


So really it was a natural progression to become a carpenter.

The physical labour and reward of carpentry was a huge selling point to be my trade of choice. Each day you get to stand back and see what you have built and know that people are going to create life long memories under that roof. 


Tell us more about becoming a qualified carpenter?

The reason I undertook an apprenticeship was to have a qualification at the end of the four years. I find it easier to pick up things through hands-on experiences than book work, so that was a plus for going through an apprenticeship.

It sounds like you really love what you do

Yes – my work gives me the chance to create and challenge myself physically and mentally every day. There’s always a mistake to be made and a lesson to be learnt in carpentry, you can never know it all. My personal growth that I have gained from the job is a huge bonus too.


What do you love most about the type of work you do?

Being a leader and teach up-and-coming apprentice new skills. Being outside in the elements all year around – as much as it can be hard on the soul some days *laughs*. Pushing myself to improve and adapt to the job at hand is really rewarding too.


There will be quite a few women who will look at this blog and really benefit from your advice!

Absolutely – there are three things I would advise:

  • Never let anyone make you feel like you can’t do what you’re passionate about
  • If you have the drive anything is possible
  • Be true to yourself!


It’s always important to have long term goals. What are yours?

I’m currently working towards starting my own business. I have dreamt of it since my second year as an apprentice, when I started with my second boss doing stick frame. It’s been a huge personal journey for me and one that hasn’t been easy. I went through a lot as an apprentice and was employed by some not so nice men which cut down my confidence. Been slowly building myself and my career up to a point that I feel fully confident in myself to every goal my heart desires. I’m aiming to start off small and see where the journey will take me.


It’s sad to hear you’ve been put through a lot, and we’re so happy to hear you’ve become 100% confident in yourself and your abilities. It’s really important to also build great experiences outside work to look forward to and feel happiness. What do you usually do outside of work?

I like being outside – gardening, building something. I love spending my weekends adventuring at the beach or hiking with my partner and dog. 


We thank Cassie for her time and sharing her personal journey with us. It would be incredible to see Cassie’s new business popping up in the near future! We wish her nothing but the best in reaching all her goals, particularly when she has battled through some negative experiences along the way.

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