Tradeswoman Profile – Stefanie Apostolidis

Stephanie is a highly skilled qualified Carpenter with site management experience, and is passionate about engaging with fellow tradeswomen through a strong social media presence. Stef met up with us recently to share her story:

Thanks for meeting with us Stefanie. Tell us why you chose to take up the Carpentry trade?

My father is a Licenced Domestic Builder and owns his own business, so I went to a lot of worksites and was around the tools of the trade very young. Being on site was something I really enjoyed, so I thought why not pursue a career in Carpentry? From there I started my trade at 22. My time in the trade has been widely diverse working on six-story apartments and small renovations on residential houses.

And what are your career goals?

I’ve completed my apprenticeship and obtained a Diploma in Building and Construction. My goal is to apply for my builder’s licence. To gain experience I’ve been working as a builders assistant, have been running worksites and managing trades to complete builds for clients across Melbourne.

Tell us more about your social media engagement
I started sharing my trade journey on Instagram and quickly obtained a large following of people who are supportive of the work I do. Many of the followers supporting my journey come from trade, mostly women working in trades and they started reaching out. I realised there is a need and an opportunity to support women through their trade journey so I started a network called Tradie Lady Club. The Club organises regular meets for women in trade to get together and support each other. You can purchase some Tradie Lady Club merchandise and wear it to show that you support women in trades. I hope that more people will see the brand around and be encouraged to take up an apprenticeship and be a Tradie Lady.

What piece of advice would you like to share with women thinking about taking up a trade?

If you love being hands-on, mentally and physically challenged, out doors and creative – doesn’t matter if your male or female – consider a trade. Try a pre-apprenticeship, get on the tools. Nothing is impossible. Let’s change the construction workforce. 


We thank Stefanie for her time and her insights. You can listen to the rest of Stefanie’s story here-

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