Tradeswoman Profile – Aisha

TWA were privileged to interview school based plumbing apprentice, Aisha. Aisha works closely with her employer and Head Start to fine tune her natural skills in this trade:

So lovely to meet you Aisha. Tell us what attracted you to the plumbing trade?

I wanted to be a plumber from a young age. With the encouragement of my family, I had my first experience in the plumbing industry last year as a year 11 student undertaking a Warehousing Logistic traineeship through Reece.

And now you’re a plumbing apprentice! Tell us about the journey

I gained product knowledge and with the support of the Head Start program I’m now a plumbing apprentice.

We’re so happy for you. What do you like most about your trade and your job?

I’m really thriving in this job and thoroughly enjoy learning all the aspects of the industry. I also love doing physical work and acquiring the understanding and problem-solving skills needed to be a successful plumber.    

Aisha is one of the many success stories coming from the important work performed by the Head Start Team. The Head Start Initiative brings school based apprentices and trainees together with employers, provide recruitment and interview assistance, support the apprentice or trainee through their apprenticeship and work with all external stakeholders on behalf of the employer. If you’d like to know more about Head Start, please visit