Nicole a Cabinet Maker

Nicole’s career began in the hospitality industry working as a chef. Nicole changed careers from one trade to another and is absolutely loving it and kicking goals. Nicole is now a cabinet maker with big plans for the future.
The Show:
23sec Nicole Introduction
29sec Why Nicole got into cabinet making
1.13min What is cabinet making
1.42min Skills you can specialise in to make you a better cabinet maker
2.21min  Tips on how you can get into the industry
2.47min What Nicole is currently working on
4.35min The difference between being in the factory and on a worksite
6.47min Nicole’s hero moments
7.35min Nicole’s future plans for her career
8.10min The Accidents that can happen at work
9.40min What we can do to encourage more women into the industry
11.05min What Nicole loves most about cabinet making
12.20min The benefits of completing a pre-apprenticeship before your apprenticeship
12.51min Nicole’s final words of wisdom
13.57min How you can get in touch with Nicole
14.12min show notes

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