Kerri Anne an Air Filtration Technician

Today we speak with Kerri-Anne, Completing a chef apprenticeship Kerri Anne has had a largely successful career working in many types of industries where women are underrepresented. Today’s story is all about the different types of opportunities you can pursue in trades

36sec Kerri-Anne introduction
1.37min How to get into air filtration
1.48min A day in Kerri-Anne’s shoes
2.50min Worksite stories
4.26min Kerri-Anne walks us through her career
8.01min The passion Kerri-Anne has for her job
8.16min Kerri-Anne shares advice on how you can pursue a similar career
8.46min jobs in air filtration
10.05min Kerri-Annes plans for her future
10.35min In need of air filtration services? Call the business Kerri-anne works for
11.06min How we can get more women into trades
11.58min Get in touch with Kerri-Anne

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