Cass a Painter and Decorator

Cassandra is a painter and decorator from rural Victoria and has recently started up her own business.
Cass shares some insights into painting and what it’s like to own your own business

The show:

22sec Introduction  Meet Cass
38sec Why Cass decided to get into painting
1.13min A typical day in Cassandra’s shoes
1.57min Information about Cassy’s business
2.14min Cass shares what it is like to run your own business
3.13min Cass’s Role models
3.57min The support Cass had from family and friends
4.48min Tips if you’re considering a career as a painter
6.01min How we can get more women into the industry
6.45min How Cass came across her very first job
7.15min What Cass would expect to see in her ideal candidate
7.41min What Cass has planned for her future
8.02min Cassy’s favourite job to do at work
8.32 Cass’s proud career moments
9.20mn Cass shares how she managed to have such a successful career
9.45min How you can get in touch with Cass

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