Carolyn a Upholsterer

Carolyn is an Upholsterer by trade. Upholstery is the work of providing furniture, such as seats, with padding, springs, webbing, and fabric or leather covers. After completing her trade Carolyn studied at night school to become a teacher. Using the skills Carolyn learnt during her apprenticeship and full time role as an upholsterer, Carolyn has forged a successful career and enjoys sharing her passion for trades which extends to teaching young women and men to step outside of there comfort zone and learn something new.
Breakdown of the show:
29sec Meet Carolyn
46 sec What is Upholstery?
1.43min Carolyn shares how she got started in her career
2.22min Carolyn shares what it was like to work with family
3.04min We ask why there isn’t many training providers offering Cert III Upholstery
4.20min How the industry is adapting to change
5.40min The nieches of upholstery
7.30min Carolyn shares how she got from upholstery into teaching
9.40min The struggles of doing university at night school
10.44min Carolyn’s friends and family’s support
12.58min What advice you need to puruse upholstery
14.38min Carolyn would love to see more women in the industry and says how we could achieve this
16.38min Carolyn shares the most exciting thing she has found in a couch
18.46min Carolyn leaves us with her final words of wisdom
21.11min How you can get in touch with Carolyn
21.31min Show notes

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