Louise a Heavy Diesel Mechanic

Louise is a heavy diesel mechanic. Louise was the first ever female to compete in the WorldSkills Australian National competition, and the first female to ever win! Louise has had a widely successful career both on tools and off. Louise currently is spending her time giving back to apprentices through mentoring and spends a lot of time volunteering with SALT. Louise’s story is sure to inspire you.
Break down of the show:
36sec Louise Introduction
48sec Louise explains why she chose her pathway and how her career began
1.56min What Louise is doing now
2.30min Louise talks about the training she undertook to become a mentor
3.16min A day in Louise’s shoes
4.13min How the mentoring program works
4.35min How Louise manages a big caseload of apprentices to mentor
5.18min Louise shares the skills and experiences she has had during her career to helping her provide mentoring
5.53min Louise tells us who has helped her during her career
6.51min How you can become a mentor
7.17min Louise shares what she has planned for the future
7.45min Getting more women into the automotive industry, Louise shares her thoughts
8.22min How you can get into an apprenticeship
8.53min What SALT stands for
9.54min Louise explains how you can book a SALT workshop
10.30min Louise shares what she has loved most about her career
11.40min Louise’s “Hero Moments”
13.23min How you can get in touch with Louise
13.33min How you can find the SALT network
13.50min How to engage in mentoring with Apprenticeships are us
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