Tammy a Electrician

Tammy is an electrician in Geelong, Working in her family business she has recently stepped up to act as general manager. Tammy shares her passion for the industry and the goals she has for the future of her company.  Listen to Tammy’s story for inspiration and tips on how to get into the industry and why you should consider electrical as an apprenticeship pathway.
The show:
45sec Why Tammy wanted to pursue a career as an electrician
1.11min Tammy walks us through a day in her shoes
1.50min Tammy’s lack of fear for heights
2.10min Tammy shares what she loves most about her job
3.28min What Tammy does as the general manager
3.27min Tammy shares why she has had to step up in her role
4.96min The opportunities that exist in the electrical industry for you
5.00min Tammy shares the unexpected benefits of a career in electrical
5.43min Tammy shares advice on how to get into the industry
6.32min Tammy shares her hero moments
7.34min The future for Tammy
8.24min How Tammy found a business mentor
9.33min Find Tammy on Facebook
9.49min Tammy shares her advice on how we could get more women into the industry
10.22min Tammy’s experience leaving school early to start full-time work
11.05min Other women in the industry
11.35min Tammy’s final words of wisdom
12.17min Tammy leave us with who inspired her during her apprenticeship
12.48min Get in touch with Tammy

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