Kim a Electrician

Meet Kim, A Industrial electrician working in logistics and storage plants completing maintenance on machines. Kim left the industry to study at university and was drawn back to it after her course. Kim’s story is inspirational and she reassures that if your having a tough time there are places out there that will look after you.
The show:
27sec Kim’s Introduction
46sec The type of transport and logisitc company Kim works for
59sec Kim walks us through a day in her shoes
2.00min Kim shares why she chose a career in electrical
2.16min How lon Kim has been in the industry
3.01min What Kim has achieved during her career
4.18min Why Kim was drawn back into the industry
4.42min Kim shares what she loves about the industry
5.15min The unexpected benifits to Kim’s career
5.38min Kim’s current workplace and the enviroment
5.50min What Kim has planned for her future in the industry
7.10min Kim shares how her thoughts on how we get more women into the industry
7.30min How to get in touch with Kim

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