Ashley a Mechanic and Performance workshop owner

Ashley is a mechanic and workshop owner with empowering aspiration and drive, she is one motivating lady to listen to! Ashley has crewed for Targa Tasmania, Targa high country, WRC and Big Jon Racing at Bathurst. She is currently working on becoming the first Bosch motorsport dealer in the country and recently travelled to Germany for a Bosch motorsport conference and technical training. Ashley shares her knowledge and explains that if you work hard and you are outstanding, then the sky is the limit. The automotive industry brings many opportunities such as travel, experiencing different cultures and variety in different areas of automotive like racing, engineering, vehicle development or dynamics. Ashley’s message to women is to go for it! and work as hard as you can because the opportunities are endless.
Breakdown of the show:

34sec Intro
43sec Ashley tells us why she chose a career in mechanics
1.15min How Ashley found a job and started her apprenticeship
3.12min Ashley worked in a company that was supportive
3.33min Ashley explains how her time at the company ended
3.51min What Ashley did after working for the company
4.55min What it’s like to run a business and what Ashley’s workshop does
5.33min Ashley explains what she was nervous about starting a business
6.29min How to overcome fear and advice you need if you are going out on your own
9.10min Why having goals and a plan helps
9.24min Ashley walks us through a day in her shoes
11.13min Ashley shares how we could see more women in the industry and the barriers
13.57min Advice to get you into the automotive industry
15.38min Who Ashley has drawn inspiration from
16.41min Exciting projects Ashley has happening
18.05min The career opportunities available in automotive
19.15min Ashley explains what crewing is
20.26min How to find out about Ashleys business
20.35min Get in touch with Ashley

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