Jackie a Scrap Metal Business Owner

This podcast features Jackie from Scrap Soloutions Scrap Metal Recycling in Geelong. Jackies shares her tips on running a business and reccomends fantastic resources to assist you with your business and career. Jackie is an advocate for sustainability and features in a pulse radio station show called “The Sustainable Hour”
Breakdown of the show:
35sec Intro
52sec Jackie explains what a scrap metal yard is
2.10min why Jackie pursued her career path
4.36min A day in Jackie’s shoes
7.22min Jackie shares her tips on how to manage a busy day
9.01min Jackie reccomends resources that helped her get to where she is
9.50min How to get into the scrap metal industry
11.15min The opportuniies that exist for tradespeople in the recycling industry
12.18min Jackie tells us why sustainability is a growth industry in Australia.
13.57min The show Jackie co-hosts on Pulse FM “The Sustainable Hour”
15.11min Proud moments in Jackie’s career
16.08min How to get in touch with Jackie
16.38min end of show and show notes
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