Jacquelyn a rope access technician

Jacquelyn started her career as a free diver before getting her rope access qualification. Jacquelyn is also now a rigger and gaining hours to be an NDT and UT inspector. Working in Northern Territory Jacquelyn is currently doing Fly in Fly out work from Western Australia. Jacqui is passionate about her career and is here to share how you can follow a similar career path.

Break down of the show:
31sec Intro
42sec Jacqui explains what a rigger, NDT and rope technician is
1.45min Jacqui explains why you need other tickets if you’re doing rope access
2.06min How Jacqui’s career started out
3.40min The difference between rock climbing and rope access
5.35min Jacquelyn’s career in Free Diving before rope access
6.16min Jacqui tells us where she is working
7.27min The type of work you can do if you have a rope access ticket
8.43min Jacquelyn’s future in the industry
9.35min the hours you need to get UT and NDI tickets
10.28min Jacqui explains what UT and NDI testing is
12.06min How you can get into the industry
14.08min Jacqui tells us how many other women she knows in rope access
15.28min Jacqui explains what she loves about her job
16.19min The support Jacquelyn received from her family
17.57min Jacquelyn wants to see more women in the industry
18.35min How you can get in touch with Jacqui
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