Callie a Heavy Vehicle Mechanic Apprentice


Callie is a Heavy Vehicle Mechanic Apprentice in NSW. Callie works for a bus depot servicing and repairing the fleet. Before becoming a mechanic Callie studied nursing at university and worked as a registered nurse for ten years! Callie’s story is about following your passion no matter what stage you are in life.

Podcast breakdown:
32sec Introduction
40sec Why Callie decided to pursue a career as a diesel mechanic
1.05min Where Calli is working
1.21min What Callie’s family and friends thought about her changing careers
2.09min The similarities between nursing and diesel mechanics
3.25min A day in Callie’s shoes
4.09min Callie tells us about her commute
4.44min Why Callie decided to get into diesel mechanics
6.10min The difference between a light vehicle apprenticeship and a heavy vehicle apprenticeship
7.19min Callie explains the unexpected benefits of her apprenticeship
7.58min The customer service side of a mechanics apprenticeship
8.17min What the bus drivers think of Callie fixing their bus’s
8.43min The support Callie has received from family and friends
9.12min Advice for you, if you are considering a similar career path
10.02min Callie’s favourite tasks to do on the job
10.45min Callie’s hero moment is building strength
11.40min Strength is seen as a barrier for women, but it’s something you can build
12.06min How we can get more women into the automotive industry
13.04min Callie tells us about the other women she has worked within the industry
13.55min What Callie has planned for her future in the industry
14.26min Callie explains that her apprenticeship has been a positive experience
15.01min Who Callie has drawn inspiration from during her apprenticeship
15.28min Callie shares her final words of wisdom for women considering a career as a Heavy diesel mechanic
16.16min How to get in touch with Callie
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