Laura a Cabinet Maker and Business Owner


A qualified cabinet maker in her early 20’s, Laura has started her own business. Laura’s success and ambition in her trade have taught her a lot of lessons that she is willing to pass onto other women getting into the industry. Laura is an inspiration to other women in trades and even to her clients, who are often women that take an interest in Laura’s career and use her workmanship as an opportunity to learn from her.

30sec Laura’s Introduction
49sec What Cabinet Making is
1.23min Laura’s favourite thing about her trade
1.33min Why Laura decided to choose a cabinet making apprenticeship
1.55min How Laura discovered cabinet making
2.16min Why she was the only girl in highschool doing woodwork
2.41min Laura entered WorldSkills
2.53min What is WorldSkills
3.18min A day in Laura’s shoes
3.56min Laura tell’s us about her business
4.33min Laura would like to see more women in trades
5.25min How to get more women into trades
5.57min Advice for somone interested in becoming a cabinet maker
6.31min Laura’s proud memories of her apprenticeship
6.54min Business ownership advice
7.30min How to be an ideal job applicant
7.57min Geelong women in trades
8.34min The Cambodia Trip
9.33min Final words of wisdom
9.44min How to find out more about Laura’s business
10.03min How you can get in touch with Laura
10.27min show notes
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