Dannielle Director of Pipeline Drilling

Dannielle is a Director of a Directional Drilling business in regional Victoria. Pipe Pro Directional Drilling won the innovation award last year at the commerce Ballarat Business Excellence Awards. Since releasing this podcast they have again won the Central Highlands Water Trade Business award, So that is two years in a row! Pipe Pro Directional Drilling is an impressive regional business, doing great things and encouraging more women into the industry!

33sec Introduction
1.04min How Danielle’s career began and the early journey of the drilling business
3.52min Why Dannielle chose regional Victoria to start up a business
4.46min What is Directional Drilling?
7.42min Can things go wrong when you drill?
8.14min The tickets and qualification you need to become a driller
8.58min The opportunities for work for drillers in the mining industry
9.53min How to get more women into drilling
11.00min How listeners can find jobs in the drilling industry
11.45min Key qualities to have when you apply for a drilling job
12.45min The hurdles of starting a new business and how to overcome them
14.24min Persisting with the bank
15.14min Every business starts somewhere
16.04min The Awards Dannielle has won for her business
17.47min Dannielle would appreciate more women applying for her positions
18.24min Dannielle’s final words
19.10min How to Get in touch with Pipe Pro Directional Drilling
19.39min How to get in touch with Dannielle

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