Jess a Architect Student and Carpentry Apprentice

Jess is currently working as a carpenter apprentice in regional Victoria. She also travels 2-3 hours to study architecture at university. Jess has big dreams for the future and is a fantastic example of what you can achieve with a career in the building industry.
36sec Jess Introduction
50sec Jess walks us through how she got into carpentry
1.34min Why Jess decided on university
2.33min Architecture studies
3.50min How Jess juggles studying at university and completing an apprenticeship
5.18min A day in Jess’s shoes
6.44min How the carpentry apprenticeship and architecture relate
7.20min What Jess has planned for the future
7.51min Jess shares her plans for the future
8.43min Advice for those considering a simular career path
9.13min Key qualities to help you get into the industry
9.40min Jess shares some idea’s on how to get more women into the industry
10.32min Jess gives her dad’s business a shout out
10.54min How to get in touch with Jess

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