Donna a maintenance supervisor for a heavy haulage railway

Donna is a maintenance supervisor for a Heavy Haulage Rio Tinto railway.
Donna began her career as an apprentice machinist, her career took her overseas where she transferred her skills into
the building industry. When Donna returned to Australia she continued her career in the mining industry becoming a leader
and valued team member.

30sec Donna’s Intro
50sec The role of a maintenance supervisor
3.50min How important it is to be organised and the benefits of dual parenting
4.30min Donna’s walks us through how her career began
6.12min Donna takes her trade qualification overseas
7.11min Why employer’s appreciate Australian Tradespeople
8.49min The door’s an apprenticeship can open
9.31min Donna’s career continues in Australia
12.20min Donna shares tips to help you step into a Leadership role
13.18min Skills that make you a great team player
14.25min Donna shares her biggest achievement and “Hero moment”
15.49min Leadership skills that will help you bring a team together
17.04min Donna explains the benefits of completing her apprenticeship
17.41min Donna’s children and their career goals
19.10min Planting the seed for young people to consider an apprenticeship pathway in mining
20.17min Donna suggests more tradeswomen should put themselves out there to promote careers in trades
21.35min Donna’s final words
22.26min Why the industry is missing women, and why there is a huge opportunity for women to enter the mining industry
25.31min Get in touch Donna
25.57min Show notes

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