Joan a Mechanic

Joan is a mechanic who then became a TAFE trainer. Jo is passionate about sharing her car knowledge with women, hosting her own basic mechanical knowledge classes for women and teaching her daughters to care for their cars. Joan is currently enjoying retirement but as you will hear she is more passionate than ever, Joan’s story is guaranteed to get you looking at your car and thinking differently about the benefits of mechanical knowledge.
Break down of the show:

36sec Joan’s intro
1.45min How Joan’s career and passion for cars began
5.41min Joan shares her passion for sharing knowledge and skills with other women
6.37min How her passion turned into teaching class’s
7.31min We chat to Joan’s daughter and discuss what she thought about the maintenance class’s her mum ran
8.31min Maddy shares what she really thinks about her mothers career choice
9.13min Joan gives listeners advice for those considering a career in mechanics
10.21min Joan tells us how she would respond to someone asking her why she chose mechanics
10.44min Would Joan recommend a automotive apprenticeship?
11.04min Joan shares a memorable moment
12.42min Maddy and Joan give listeners final words of advice
13.49min How to get in touch

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