Kaye a Spray Painter and Business Owner


Kaye shares her journey in the automotive industry. From working in the wrecking yard to spraying cars. Kaye has had an impressive career in the automotive industry and now owns her own business where she sprays and rebuilds cars.


25sec Kaye’s Introduction

43sec Kaye shares how she got her career started

3.22min We talk smells in the workshop and how rewarding paint is

3.46min Kaye explains how she started her own business

5.55min What Kaye does in the workshop

6.38min We discuss the number of women in industry

8.31min Kaye walks us through her pregnancy on the tools

9.59min Kaye shares tips and advice on how to get into the industry and impress an employer

10.57min Role Models

12.22min Kaye tells us how we could try to get more women in the industry

13.57min Kaye tells how you can get a job in the industry

15.11min What Kaye has planned for her future

18.28min Kaye tells us how rewarding her career is


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