Vida a Carpentry Apprentice


Vida’s career is one to keep an eye on. Vida currently works on commercial sites as a carpentry apprentice. Vida left her career in the event industry, ditching brides for concreting and formwork. Vida has big goals for the future and is working towards becoming a builder and architect with a passion for sustainable living. In this interview Vida talks about sustainability and how rewarding her career as a carpenter has been. She shares how wonderfully rewarding an apprenticeship pathway is and why more women need to take up a career in the building and construction industry.

Vida says “Change is coming, and it looks just like you!”

Break down of the interview:
30sec Vida’s Introduction
45sec Vida tells us where her passion came from on and why she got into the industry.
2.39min How Vida found information about apprenticeships
3.49min A day in Vida’s shoes
4.53min Vida’s future in the industry, A sustainable building industry
5.49min Vida provides sustainable building solutions like how to use the sun and reclaiming materials
7.21min Vida’s further studies and plans for the future
8.21min Vida’s support from family and friends
10.06min Has the building industry matched up to your expectations
11.22min Are you glad you pursued a career in carpentry
12.04min Vida’s role models
13.11min Recommendations for listeners considering pursuing a career in trades
13.46min What can tradeswomen groups do to encourage more women into trades
14.46min Vida agrees more women should do a podcast!
14.59min Vida’s hero moments
15.30min Vida’s final words of wisdom
16.31min How to get in touch with Vida

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