Eilish a Plumber and Studio 10 Star

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In this week’s episode we interview Eilish, A plumber by trade and recent star on the Studio 10 set. Eilish tells us there are only 49 female qualified plumbers in Queensland. Eilish suggests we  get rid of the stigma that apprenticeship’s in male dominated industries are for men and promote trades as a rewarding career path.
Break Down of the show:
.29sec Intro
.41sec How Eilish started her career in plumbing
1.58min Why it was so hard for Eilish to break into the plumbing industry
2.20min Eilish’s knowledge of plumbing before starting her apprenticeship
3.05min Why listener’s should consider a career in plumbing
3.49min A day in Eilish’s shoes
5.06min Grease trap’s
5.45min What stage is Eilish at in her career
5.58min What a provisional plumber is
6.33min Eilish’s plans for her future in the plumbing
7.25min Role models
8.35min Eilish would like to see more women in the industry, and she explains how we can achieve this
9.31min Is plumbing financially rewarding
10.00min The studio 10 segment
11.32min Checking the studio 10 facts
12.11min The unblocking of the toilet
13.14min Final word of wisdom from Eilish and what Tradeswomen are working towards

Tradeswomen Australia Foundation (TWA) is a not for profit organisation that is working to increase the representation of women in trades. These podcasts share the stories of women working in trades to promote pathways not often thought of for women.

You can get in touch with TWA through info@twaus.com.au

If you are considering a trade pathway or looking to upskill, consider VET pathways by visiting www.myskills.gov.au

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