Radmila a Carpenter and women in trade advocate

Radmila is a carpenter by trade and respected advocate for women in trades. Radmila shares her apprenticeship journey explaining how she received little support from her family and supported herself and her sister on an apprenticeship wage. Rad tells us how she overcome hardship to have a successful career in the building industry and how she has become a well respected tradeswomen and advocate to increase the percentage of women working in trades.

40sec Intro
1.38min How Radmila (Rad) became a carpenter
3.21min The family support behind Rad’s career choice
3.50min What salary was like at the time of Rad’s apprenticeship
4.48min Is Carpentry physically hard? And tips for listeners pursuing this career path
5.25min What industry support is available to apprentices
6.07min What support was available during Rad’s apprenticeship
6.35min Role models and inspiration
8.35min What services could the industry develop to increase the percentage of women in the workforce.
9.32min What National Women in Construction (NAWIC) is working on
10.02min Barriers for women in the industry
11.00min What are apprenticeship uptakes like in Queensland
11.25min What Rad did after her apprenticeship
13.00min Who is NAWIC and how can you become involved
14.26min How listeners can find NAWIC
15.31min How listeners get in touch with Radmila
Tradeswomen Australia (TWA) is a not for profit organisation that is working to increase the representation of women in trades. These podcasts share the stories of women working in trades to promote pathways not often thought of for women.

You can get in touch with TWA through info@twaus.com.au

If you are considering a trade pathway or looking to upskill, consider VET pathways by visiting www.myskills.gov.au

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