TWA Trudy a Outdoor Power Equipment Apprentice and Trade Assistant

Trudy a outdoor power equipment apprentice shares her inspirational and resilient journey. Working as a Trades Assistant for many years Trudy travelled and worked across Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland. Trudy always wanted an apprenticeship and found a way to build skills and establish a successful career. Trudy is now an apprentice working on small engines, Congratulations on finding your apprenticeship Trudy! We are proud to share your story.
Podcast show notes and key interview points:
.38 Trudy’s Introduction
.51 How Trudy’s career began
1.58 What a Trade Assistant is
2.26 Where Trudy is from and where she has worked
2.59 Life in the mining industry
3.29 What Trudy’s role was in the mines.
4.17 Working underground
5.15 Is mining financially rewarding
5.43 Trudy’s career after mining and the beginning of her apprenticeship
8.30 Trudy’s resilience in her career
8.44 Is being a trade assistant hard?
9.12 Trudy’s advice if you are struggling to find an apprenticeship
9.45 Trudy’s role models
8.17 What Trudy is currently doing with her career
9.15 What a small engine mechanic is
11.15 The benefits of being a mature age apprentice
12.08 Job prospects in small engine repairs
12.31 Advice for potential mature age apprentices
13.06 Trade School
13.44 Get in Touch with Trudy
14.04 Special Announcements

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