TWA Rachel a Plumber & Owner of Demeter Constructions

Rachel a Plumber & Owner of Demeter Constructions

In this episode we talk with Rachel owner of Demeter Constructions. Rachel is a plumber by trade and now project co-ordinates her construction company specialising in the tiny house movement.
.58 The business and tiny houses
3.30 Rachel’s job title
4.03 Rachel explains her role and her busy schedule
5.30 Rachel’s journey how she began her career
9.44 Rachel’s father and his career aspirations for Rachel
11.22 The benefits of a plumbing apprenticeship
12.07 Advice for those considering a similar career pathway
13.58 Key qualities Rach would look for hiring an apprentice
15.20 Plumbing as a viable career choice
17.19 The perception that plumbing is all a dirty trade
18.31 Grease Traps
19.20 How career seekers can decide on a career path
22.05 SALT
23.22 How to get in touch with Rachel
24.02 End of show and announcements

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